Who I am

Bangkok based full-stack developer and AI enthusiast who enjoy solving complex problems and learning new stuff like software, system, programming languages. Also natural languages and etymology. I'm interested in Web Development, DevOps, Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and High-Performance Computing.
Mostly coding in Javascript, Python.

Basically, I speak Thai as a Native, speak fluently in English and Japanese, and know a basic Chinese, Deutsch and Français.

Hardcore Gamer, Musician
Camera for hire and also Blogger.

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NSC18 Finalist

Honorable Mention Award

COCO: "Composite of Operation monitoring with Corporation’s analytic and Optimization tools” is a software solution implemented for answering the problem in the field of industry and business especially for small or medium enterprise ( SME ) which can refers in two terms. Firstly, to record the usage logs in computer system as a tool for entrepreneur to do the automatic recording and also easily review the data for analytics purpose as in form of graphs. Second, making a benefit by bringing the previously stored data to analyze with our solution and invent a new technology for business accommodation. The result from our solution can be analyzed the usage of social media in organization, analyze and detect intrusion from network (Intrusion detection system). These abilities will improve business advantages toward competition and then result in better organization improvement. This software solution COCO designed for Web application usage for fast and simple usability. Our solution also enable Mobile application feature with “COCO box” as a main server for COCO solution that connect to other business computer. We design for the ease of use and simple installation to make sure it suitable for commercial merchandize to the small size entrepreneur.

COCO is based on Javascript language which using Adonis.js Framework for back-end and Angular.js as front-end framework, with the numerous open-source software, for instance, CollectD, Logstash, Packetbeat, furthermore, it requires MySQL, Redis and ElasticSearch as storage. It is developed particularly for Unix server such as Ubuntu, Debian, etc.-

COCO is my graduation project's product created by 3 Developers. My responsibility is to code the whole front-end of web application and most of the back-end. I also design entire system's architecture and write a daemon script for managing files.

Reinforcement Learning Robot Simulation

This project is created for Artificial Intelligence subject at KMUTT. This Robot simulation has used the Reinforcement Learning Algorithm to find a target. When a robot found the target, it will relocated to new place. and a robot is going to find it continuously.

I use SIMBOT Platfrom with C++ for development, subsequent to this, I apply an algorithm into the execution module and make it capable to perform better.